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Lost in Engrish Translation

Lost in Engrish
Translation #4

As one of my favorite series, here is another collection of Engrish Translation masterpieces. I just hand it to the companies that put there full trust in Google translate. They must run out and print signs, logos, menus by the 1000's without ever really checking to see if what they've just produced makes any sense to the English speaking world!

Merging Your Bucket List and Travel Plans

Merging your Bucket List and Travel Plans

For everyone out there with a bucket list and no plans in sight, here's a helpful article to help you define your bucket list and create travel plans for actually getting there. So many of us seem to have things on our list but may not have a plan in place to turn them into reality. So here's to creating a plan and making it happen!

Monkeys & Beaches of Krabi,</br> Thailand thumbnail

Monkeys & Beaches of Krabi,

Krabi is known for being a destination spot for many travelers. It is located on the on the West Coast of Thailand and is just south of Phuket. It’s proximity on the coast is ideal as a hopping point to many popular islands in Thailand such as Ko Phi Phi though there are hundreds if not thousands of other islands dotting the sea in this area.

The Ring Road, Iceland – Day 1 – Reykjavik to Vik thumbnail

The Ring Road, Iceland – Day 1 – Reykjavik to Vik

Today was the beginning of our adventure along the Ring Road in Iceland which circumnavigates the entire country. This was a trip I was more excited to make during my world travels than any others up to this point. Iceland’s Ring Road total distance is 1,339 kilometers (832 miles) and we were traveling from Reykjavik to Vik on our first day.

Travel from</br>Jaipur to Jaisalmer thumbnail

Travel from
Jaipur to Jaisalmer

After spending a great amount of time traveling throughout Rajasthan, I was train bound for the deserts of Jaisalmer which sits on the edge of India and Pakistan. This was sure to be a change of pace as Jaisalmer is a much smaller city with less touts and tourists. I was also intent on finding adventure riding camels and sleeping on sand dunes...

Broken Down</br>on a Tibet Road thumbnail

Broken Down
on a Tibet Road

Having left from Lhasa, Tibet just days earlier, we left the town of Shigatse early that morning and were headed towards Everest Base Camp but about an hour into the drive, I heard something snap in the engine from the back of the bus and about ten minutes later, we came to a rolling stop. This bus was officially broken down on a Tibet road...