7 Great Reasons
to Visit Cuba

Visit Cuba Article

If your idea of a relaxing vacation includes picturesque beaches, sparkling turquoise green waters, and historical Spanish architecture, then Cuba is for you! In Cuba you will discover streets lined with vintage cars, magnificent carnivals, parades, foot-thumping music, amazing coffee and cocktails… not to mention the world’s finest cigars.

8 Most Unique Places to Stay on Earth

8 Most Unique Places to Stay on Earth thumbnail

Why not try something different and choose a unique place to stay? If you can picture yourself waking up like royalty in a medieval castle, or in an underwater hotel room watching fish swim around you, or in an ice igloo through which you can watch Northern Lights then read on for a list of some of the most unique places to stay on earth!

Top 10
Essential Travel Items

Top 10 Essential Travel Items

Whether you are a seldom or frequent traveler, it is always best to keep a checklist of the top ten essential travel items handy to keep your vacation calm and carefree. No two trips are similar and packing for them requires a different approach. Wherever you are headed I have thoughtfully compiled a list of the top ten essential travel items.

Living in Shenzhen China
and Teaching English

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If you've never considered working overseas and teaching English, here is just a snapshot into what many schools and organizations offer and more specifically, what the advantages are to living in Shenzhen, China if looking to teach. It's where I lived and worked and a great city to consider if looking to teach English and experience life abroad...



With the holiday season right around the corner one can’t help but daydream of a nice relaxing vacation or adventure-packed trip to escape everyday life. A trip planned a few months in advance can become a trip destined to be cherished forever. Follow these easy 7 steps to success in planning your next trip!

8 Unique
Travel Souvenir Ideas

8 Unique </br>Travel Souvenir Ideas thumbnail

Travel souvenirs can be somewhat of an afterthought once you're back from vacation. Instead of regretting not having a keepsake from your travels, let's explore some unique travel souvenir ideas. These can give you a way to reflect on your travels as well as task you on a fun mission to retrieve something in every part of the world you venture.

Where on Earth
Am I?

Where on Earth </br> Am I? thumbnail

It's not often we experience such amazing adventures in a single day. Yet this road trip is very easily one the most memorable I've ever spent traveling… Where on earth am I? This is a tale of adventure, discovery, curiosity, and inspiration... told just as it happened. So perhaps you can help place me as... Where on Earth Am I?

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