Sky100 Hong Kong – Visiting the World’s 4th Tallest Skyscraper

Sky100 Hong Kong

On a mission to visit world's tallest structures, I've embarked on a journey to the top of Hong Kong's tallest building with a trip to the Sky100. As the world's 4th tallest skyscraper, I knew this would be an amazing and memorable experience rolled into one...So what's it like to stand on the 100th floor overlooking Victoria Harbour?

Another 3 days in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Another 3 days in Hong Kong…. in actuality, my 3 days in Hong Kong traveling was a bit less but luckily I got to see plenty while I was there. The main reason I had to venture over was to take care of a passport and visa issue so that ended up taking quite a bit of time and killed nearly…

Traveling among 7 million people in Hong Kong

Hong Kong taxis

After spending weeks in China, it was time for that necessary visa run and we opted to go traveling in Hong Kong at the same time. Since most travelers visa's have just 30 days at a time to travel through China, you'll have to cross the border into another country before coming back and this was something I had gotten very…