Lost in Engrish
Translation #4

Lost in Engrish Translation

As one of my favorite series, here is another collection of Engrish Translation masterpieces. I just hand it to the companies that put there full trust in Google translate. They must run out and print signs, logos, menus by the 1000's without ever really checking to see if what they've just produced makes any sense to the English speaking world!

Lost in Engrish Translation #3

Lost in Translation

Here we have arrived at my third collection of favorites for another 'Lost in Engrish Translation' (and complete randomness) found around the world. Most of these, again, were found in China however a few were taken in Hong Kong as well as SouthEast Asia. And no matter how much I find myself traveling around and coming across these, they always seem…

Lost in Engrish Translation #2

Lost in Translation 2

It's time folks. Time for another post of my favorite Lost in Engrish Translation signs, slogans and menu items that I've been fortunate enough to come across while traveling that I am now able to pass on to you. Most of these Lost in Engrish Translation shots that were taken cover my travels throughout Southeast Asia with a couple from India…

Lost in Engrish Translation

Lost in translation

Since this marks the end of my time here in mainland China, I can't help but post some of the funniest Lost in Engrish Translation signs I've come across while traveling here. In no way do I mean any disrespect from posting these (although you would think they would simply ask someone if their sign makes any sense or if it…