Lost in Engrish
Translation #4

 More Engrish Translation from around the World!

As one of my favorite series, here is another collection of Engrish Translation masterpieces. As much as you may enjoy reading through these, I can tell you that nothing is quite as much fun as catching these out and about while traveling. Every time I stumble upon one of these (and yes it happens quite a lot), I can’t hardly help myself but it is just one of the great aspects of travel I guess… Most of these that you’ll find below were in Russia and China though there are a couple from Hong Kong. But honestly, it doesn’t really matter where they’re from. I just hand it to the companies that put there full trust in Google translate to do their job for them before running out and printing signs, logos, menus and the like by the 1000’s without ever really checking to see if what they’ve just produced makes any sense to the English speaking world. But why would I want them to stop? That wouldn’t be much fun now would it?!? I hope you enjoy….


 Yes, mad people do have much more wide think stupid! Anything less would be ridiculous right?!?

 After looking through this menu, what do you think I ordered??? The egg under mayo with COOL of course!

 Ok, I can see that there are some services offered but do I really want to service the services?

 I’m not sure what was funnier… the “Koalas Next 15Km” sign posted on a restaurant in China or the fact that the restaurant is proclaiming they ‘Probably’ have the best steak in town… Simply Awesome.

 Oh yes, yet another bit of wisdom that I’m unable to process correctly….


 This one may be my favorite on the list… Please take a complete look over the menu options: We have a Better Duck, One Better Duck, a Good Duck, One Good Duck and More. So… if I were ordering for my friend and I, the best I could do then would be an order of More: pancake and an order of One Good Duck, Only Duck I guess!


No, I didn’t try this but had you read my post from Xi’an, I did get roped into Fried Pig Intestine which I thought was Sweet and Sour Chicken

 If you’ve only read the top and bottom of this photo, you’re missing it! Its the combination of what is written on the side on right in conjunction with what is below. Let me make it easy for you: “Sweet Aloe for hairdressing – 18 RMB” -> “Dishes are offered as they are!” So WTF does that mean? Are you meant to eat it? Put it in your hair? Put your face down in it? I’m so confused!! I guess I’ll just order the Chinese Toon above…

 Sure, I’d be happy to please my volume down. Would you mind having your coworker proofread your signs before posting?

 OK, not much Engrish here but, please see the middle section… I mean how many places actually provide you a direct number to call to complain about prices? That’s so awesome… This was taken on a Lake in Beijing for paddle boats. Apparently they’ve been catching a lot of heat from locals and tourists?

 Not sure what is going on here… Could he mean that since he became mentally ill, he’s been feeling refreshed? Can someone else help me out here?

 Wow, so uh lots going on here. Lets see, first we have Nutitious wine which, in and of itself, even corrected to be Nutritious is still ridiculous but I like their style. Then we have the Greet wall red wine. Another masterpiece. Should you not want to go with that one, you can instead get the exact same thing below. Of course, you still always have an option for Alcohol-free beer and Dranght beer… When asked what kind I’d like, I just replied ‘Yes, that sounds great’

Anyone up for some BaiLi bLneberrg ice cream? It is made with real, fresh bLneberrgies! In fact, the schnozberries taste like schnozberries!

 Seriously, when I first glanced at this, I wasn’t thinking of home study courses… It just seemed to be worded poorly at first glance…

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of English gone wrong. As stated before, this is one of the random perks of travel that I seem to enjoy catching so much that you can bet on the fact that I’ll keep posting them as they come around. So stick around as there will be more coming soon!


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