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Ok, with so many people wanting to know what I’ve been eating so far on this trip and with so many variations across countries, I thought I would just make a dedicated travel food post just for food! So here are some dishes I’ve tried so far along my travel route. Most were very good, others, not so much…

Paella dish in Granada, Spain

First Paella dish in Granada, Spain. This fed about twenty people that night.


Pringles Machine in Bar in Spain

I have finally found what we lack in the States… An exclusive Pringles machine!!!


The Spanish Quarter Pounder - Cuarto De Libra Con Queso

Ah yes, the Cuarto De Libra Con Queso… the ole Clasico number 3 on the menu in Spain. I’m lovin it!

Ok so I actually didn’t want to eat at McDonalds while traveling but sometimes you have almost no choice… like being stuck in an airport from 11pm until 7am and McDonalds is literally the only thing open! Its usually fun to see the differences on the menu anyway so even if I don’t eat there (since I would rather eat the local food) its still fun to go in to see how the menu differs country to country.

Nahnahbah in Lagos Portugal

The NahNahBar in Lagos, Portugal. Definitely in my top 3 for best burger joints of all time!

The NahNahBah is actually rated in the top 50 restaurants in the world for their burgers. I would agree with that statement. I ate here twice while in Lagos and felt no shame for not having a more authentic Portuguese dish. This place was amazing. Below is just one of the many types of burgers you can order…

The NahNahBar Burger

The NahNahBar Burger


Paella dish in Tarifa, Spain

Another Paella dish while in Tarifa, Spain but this was the best I’d had while there and was all fresh seafood.


Tapas in Tarifa

Some Tapas in Tarifa… One with beef coated in a type of tomato sauce and the other, couscous with vegetables


Lunch in Tanger, Morocco

Lunch in Tanger, Morocco. Consisted of couscous, chicken, raisins, cabbage, carrots and other vegetables.


Authentic mint tea in Morocco

Authentic mint tea in Morocco. One word… delicious. (Even though it doesn’t look like it would be!)

Tapas in Spain

Some more Tapas in Spain. Everything from octupus with vegetables to chopped ribs and Spanish meatballs. Went with the waiters recommendations that night…

Chicken Kabob dish in Istanbul, Turkey

A chicken Kabob dish in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkish pizza

Turkish pizza… It tastes nothing like you would think it would…


Cuttlefish risotto, fish and tators in Split, Croatia

Cuttlefish risotto, the Adriatic catch of the day and a bowl of tators in Split, Croatia

The restaurant where I had at this risotto shown above was quite an experience. The place was so popular that they would just sit you at a table with other random people. It worked out well though because my friend and I met a few other travelers while eating there at the table that night that ended up going out with us later on.

Some squids in Zagreb, Croatia

Some squids in Zagreb, Croatia. Some boiled, some fried.


White Fish in Zagreb, Croatia

Also in Zagreb, a white fish with a type of corn meal side dish

Stay tuned, more authentic dishes to come….

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  • Rosanne Losee September 19, 2011, 9:55 pm

    Love it! So exotic! (Except for the mile high burger). 😉 Did you really eat the squid, Rory? I have never gotten enough courage to try it, although many people like it, but is octopus the same taste-or did you bypass it? The paella looks wonderful and that chicken kabab is definitely something I would try. I love couscous although I wonder if the taste is different than hereabouts.

    At any rate, looks like you are taking in some real authentic homestyle cuisine!

    • Rory September 21, 2011, 8:30 am

      The mile high burger was delicious! And yes, that squid was probably one of the best things I’ve eaten so far in my trip. There was a lot of it in Spain along the coast as well.

  • Lee Kaufmann September 21, 2011, 2:14 am

    The food looked fabulous especially the paella and pizza. I can do without the squid. I don’t care what country you are in, that stuff is disgusting. Reading your mom’s comment, I think she forgot that Nonnie used to make us eat squid. Fried (with bread crumbs), fried (without bread crumbs), boiled and served in a salad, boiled and served with lemon and parsley, squid in tomato sauce served over pasta, etc. I used to swallow it whole to kill the taste, or lack thereof.
    I will let Nonnie know that you are eating really well! Take care.

    • Rory September 21, 2011, 8:32 am

      Not disgusting, delicious! Maybe she just made it poorly:) Or maybe you need to have it in Croatia!

  • Tracy September 23, 2011, 4:47 pm

    Oh my god! So pumped about this post! A Pringles dispenser?!! That’s awesome. Clearly, the vending industry here really has a long way to go. Think about it- first it’s standardized test scores & olympic gold medals, then national credit ratings and the rise of Bollywood – – Now we’re surpassed in the Vending Machine Arts! Call it a slippery slope if you want to- but that USA #1 chant is literally just becoming less accurate.
    All that couscous and paella is making me hungry. That chicken kabob dish looked stunning, as did that plate of squid-two-ways. What did that viking-ship-shaped pizza taste like if not pizza? It looked good.
    I notice they don’t waste time taking the heads off of fish, or the skin for that matter before serving it. Do they remove the bones or do they trust you’re smart enough not to eat that part?
    Oh yeah- also interesting to see the ‘gluten-free’ tagline on the McDonald’s wrapper. I hadn’t thought of that dietary change in a global sense before.
    Keep the posts coming- and keep taking food pictures PLEASE! MuLu!

    By the way- be careful what you say about Nonnie’s cooking- past or present- getting “fresh” can result in 40 wacks. Also remember the adage, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you meatballs.”

    • Rory September 25, 2011, 8:33 am

      Yes, the Pringles machine was awesome! I actually found it in a bar in Seville, Spain. Apparently Pringles are quite the hit in Europe. I’ve seen them in almost every store and kiosk in every country I’ve been in throughout Europe. BUT… I’ve not seen any Salt N’ Vinegars! As for the Turkish pizza (Viking ship shaped…) it was just weird. The cheese was definitely different and the meat toppings on top and dough was nothing what you would expect either. As for the fish on the plate, you guessed it…. you just have to dig in, head, skin and all keeping an eye out for the bones. Yummy.

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