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Fellow traveler and blogger Jess Signet offers her own personal insight into an African Adventure that can be your own…. Follow along to find out more about some amazing travel destinations and follow all of Jess’s travel adventures on her blog at Tripelio!


An African Adventure

Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve

The Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Reserve is one of the oldest in Africa. This is the only state-run park that has all five big game animals which you can see often. The land used to be a royal hunting ground for the Zulu Kingdom; the park was later established in 1895. Any admirer of wildlife can enjoy the park to the fullest with the guided tours, self-guided drives, and even boat rides along the Hluhluwe dam.


Kruger National Park

This park is one of the largest game reserves in South Africa and easily one of the most sought after tourist attractions. This park also has the big five game animals which include African Lions, African Elephants, Cape Buffalos, and the African Leopards. The wildlife tours are self-driven so you can go at your own pace and enjoy the scenery. One of the greatest features this park has is the Latest Kruger Sightings application which lets users share sightings in real time. When using a phone for tours or applications in a foreign country it is usually recommended to use a masking tool such as a vpn to help keep your information private. The park is extremely large and can easily take up your day. So be prepared to go on an adventure.

The park also delivers with everything from a getaway weekend package all the way up to a wedding. The lodges are large and private which adds to the feeling of being in the wild.

Table Mountain

Overlooking Cape Town, South Africa is a mountain with a very odd shape. It is a prominent landmark to South Africa and a huge tourist attraction. The mountain itself is also featured on the Flag of Cape Town. One of the main features of the mountain is the level plateau which spans 3 kilometers from side to side. The plateau is flanked by Devil’s Peak to the east and Lion’s Head to the west which creates a very unique backdrop to Cape Town.

The top of the mountain is usually surrounded by orthographic clouds. When the south-easterly winds flow up the mountain it turns into colder air. The moisture from the clouds condense and is formed into the so-called “table cloth” that appears at the top of the mountain. The phenomenon also has a legend behind it where there was a smoking contest between the devil and the local pirate Van Hunks. When locals see this cloth over the mountain it symbolizes that the contest is in place.

Cango Caves

The Cango Caves are over 20-million years-old. These caves are said to be one of the world’s great Natural Wonders. With the vast system of hidden chambers and connected systems cut by limestone it made a great home for many back in the Stone Age. They have been an extremely popular tourist attraction since they were discovered back in the 1800’s. South African locals like to boast saying the caves contain the largest stalagmite formations in the world. Even though not all the caves are open to the public, the majority that are contain an adventure full for the whole family.

Cape Point

When visiting South Africa you can’t leave without seeing Cape Point with your own eyes. Cape Point is located at the southeast corner of South Africa. Rumors say that this is where two oceans met and clashed on the mountain sides. The point is actually located within the Table Mountain National Park. While visiting Cape Point, a picturesque location to hit would be the lighthouse as it overlooks a good amount of the peak. Visually this has to be one of the more memorable scenes you can record into your life.

When visiting South Africa, make sure you research the locations thoroughly and hit the hot spots with time to enjoy every moment. I hope some of these locations have inspired you to actually go and take an adventure of a lifetime.


For more on Jess, you can follow her along at Tripelio. As she states in her own words, “I’m never in one place for very long. My parents were travelers before I was born. Even in the womb, I was able to travel all over the place! Boy, did things NOT change as I grew older! Knowing there’s more to the world than the bubble I live in made me want to travel even further. Traveling is my drug and I’m addicted. (Please, no intervention!)


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