Lost in Engrish Translation #3

Here we have arrived at my third collection of favorites for another ‘Lost in Engrish Translation’ (and complete randomness) found around the world. Most of these, again, were found in China however a few were taken in Hong Kong as well as SouthEast Asia. And no matter how much I find myself traveling around and coming across these, they always seem to put me in a good mood and never stop being funny…

Do your best Engrish Translation

And let me know your thoughts…

Engrish Translation 3 - Enlightenment Underwear

No Seriously, this is meant to be English… on someone’s ass… Please comment below if you can fill me in on its meaning. I am at a loss…


OK, I think you will agree that the ‘Sweet Edible Fungus’ isn’t the only weird thing on this menu but let’s notice, it IS the most expensive…


Engrish Translation 3 - Pineapple Beer!

Finally the missing ingredient! Wheat, hops, barley and pineapple!! Hooray Pineapple! Yes, I tried it… pretty much tasted just like its described. Was it gross? Yes.


Engrish Translation 3 - Food menu

I couldn’t decide between the Paper Fish Steak, Macaronee Pork or the Fried Pork Fried Chicken…


Engrish Translation 3 - China Walmart - Seaweed Isle

Yes folks, Walmart in China has a special ‘Seaweed’ section on Isle 8 right next to the Potato Chips…


Engrish Translation 3 - Recycle Bin in Hong Kong

This is a What?


Engrish Translation 3 - Coffee Juice and Fruit Salad Juice

Sorry, I’ve just never seen both Coffee juice and Fruit Salad juice as replacement juice for a whole Orange or Coconut. At least you can get Coconut juice in place of just a Coconut…


Engrish Translation 3 - Oreo Ord's - And the iPhone in the Banana Store...

OK, OREO to ORD, I’ll build a bridge, no problem, but seriously, where does it end? My friend had just come back from the Banana store to shop for an iPhone. Yes I’m serious.


Engrish Translation 3 - Hamburger-Fruit-Coffee

Typically, you’ll get fries and a coke with your burger. But why not a side of fruit? And why not for breakfast with a coffee?


Engrish Translation 3 - The Fire Elevator

Seriously? Only in China (I hope). And I also hope there is actually an option to take the stairs!


Engrish Translation 3 - Tongue Twister Station

Say it 3 times – As fast as you can…


Engrish Translation 3 - The Rogaine of the East

When was Jackie Chan ever going bald?


Engrish Translation 3 - Friend Bananas in Fried Batter for everyone!

Friend banana in batter? Banana batter in Friend? Fried batter in banana? Banana friend in batter? Ah screw it, just gimme the yeghurt with some icce cream on a panca


Engrish Translation 3 - Beach rules and notifications

Do they mean to say, “Don’t be a climbing them there ladders?”

Engrish Translation 3 - Park Rules

OK…lots of rules here. Let me just summarize my favorites: no parachute jumping, no digging for earthworms, no multi-level marketing meetings and no slingshots to fowl the birds. Why do I feel that the rules came about from past offenders? And the what the hell kind of park is this anyway? No parachute jumping? This is an extremely small park in the middle of downtown in a city of 13 million!


Engrish Translation 3 - Famous T-Shirt quotes

Do you really want me to comment on this T-Shirt?

So there you have it, another of my favorite Lost in Engrish Translation collections. Stay tuned for more to come…

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  • Rosanne Losee August 3, 2012, 3:54 am

    I’m still laughing and it’s been 10 minutes! hahahahahahahaha!

    • Rory August 5, 2012, 11:07 am

      Yes, they never do stop being funny… it always seems to brighten my day…

  • Rosanne Losee August 6, 2012, 9:09 pm

    So today I brought up this page and Laura and I were hysterical laughing at the crazy signs. She said she showed it to her son Hunter (age 13) and they both had a laugh together.
    So these wild and crazy signs have to go in your memoir, Rory!

    • Rory August 7, 2012, 2:20 am

      We’ll see about the memoir… not sure on that one yet!

  • Fran August 14, 2012, 4:52 pm

    OMG. I am laughing behind my hand – in my English class! (is that wrong?)

    • Rory August 15, 2012, 12:40 am

      Not wrong at all! I’m teaching English in China myself… can you see the reason behind posting these!?! You’d think that maybe they’d actually ask someone if these things make any sense before printing:) Or perhaps they just don’t care… either way, it’s keeping things interesting over here and adding smiles to my day!

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