7 Culinary
Wonders of Austria

7 Culinary </br>Wonders of Austria thumbnail

Featured Guest Post by world traveler and blogger Claire Lovesti who shares her love of Austria with insanely delicious cuisine from such a unique country. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or even an afternoon brew, the Austrians are known for having a way with the kitchen. Check out these 7 culinary wonders of Austria!

7 Travel
Safety Tips

7 Travel </br>Safety Tips thumbnail

Whether traveling solo or with others, no matter where your travels take you, you mustn't overlook the importance of travel safety. It's easy to get caught up planning where you'll go and what you'll do but it's equally important to plan and consider each of these 7 travel safety tips prior to leaving for your next trip!

5 Airbnb Tips
for Guests

5 Airbnb Tips </br> for Guests thumbnail

Having stayed via Airbnb as a guest all over the world as well as hosted people in my own home, do consider these 5 tips before your next Airbnb stay. You would be surprised at how many people overlook such simple things... Hopefully they'll make your trip smoother, more fun and may even save you some money in the process!

Iceland’s Jokulsarlon
Glacier Lagoon

Iceland’s Jokulsarlon</br> Glacier Lagoon thumbnail

Having been fortunate enough to visit the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon on my first trip to Iceland, I couldn't wait to return here on this 2nd trip to the land of fire and ice. What a magical place and indeed, a photographer's paradise. Where else will you find multi-colored icebergs floating on a lake set amongst a beautiful mountain landscape?

Why Visit
the Tibet Region?

Tibet Region

No other place on earth may be as mystifying and gravitating as Tibet. From it's majestic landscapes to its fascinating cultures, no place had yet grabbed me the way Tibet had. It is truly otherworldly and deserving for every world traveler to experience. This post is but a snapshot into this alluring and spiritualistic region known as Tibet...

5 Top Travel Jobs
For Backpackers

Top Travel Jobs

Do thoughts of travel bring you back to reality at your 9 to 5 grind? Wishing you could escape and travel the world freely but not sure how to support yourself? Well, here are some of the top travel jobs for all the backpackers and international nomads out there looking to break out and support themselves financially in the process...

Visiting Gullfoss
Waterfall Iceland

Gullfoss Waterfall

A trip to Iceland wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Gullfoss waterfall, part of the greater 'Golden Circle' tour that's not far from Reykjavik. After visiting this spectacular waterfall for the second time, I've got to say that it's still a sight not to miss and there's a reason thousands of people visit this area every year!

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