What is your interpretation of following your true north? Is it trusting your instincts? Living without regret? Realizing your dreams? For me, it is the ability to life your life on your own terms, to follow your passions and to live life to the fullest so you can never look back and think of all the things you didn’t do with your life. Below are my thoughts and reflections on traveling, life in general and hopefully some fuel for pure travel inspiration… Getting to the answers of why we look to travel and why we seek to explore that which is unfamiliar and unknown to us. We all have dreams within us, whether suppressed or not. It’s just a matter of turning that dream into reality that is key.


Hopefully I can be a voice of inspiration for you if your dream encompasses world travel… and if my words aren’t enough inspiration for you, how about some of my favourite quotes from other folks? I’ve combined these with some of my travel photos to help spark your own wanderlust. These are also all pinnable images (just hover over them and click on the little Pinterest icon), so feel free to share these across Pinterest to help inspire even more people!